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        Our Mission is to provide our clients with the most cost-effective and premier outsourced payroll services available.

        • By personally addressing employer related needs, we help enable our clients to develop, maintain, and advance a competitve advantage. We give our clients more time to focus on their core business by supportively relieving them of payroll administrative burdens.

        • It really is faster, easier to use, and less expensive than you may think! Relax...Outsource your payroll!

        • Imagine...effortless and timely payroll complience; all your employer tax deposits and government reporting obligations--941, DE6, 1099, New Hires, W-2. Comprehensive management reports: worker’s compensations, labor distribution, garnishments/benefit deductions, sick/vacation accrual, Certified Payroll/prevailing wage jobs, and EFTPS and Direct Deposit available.

        From one employee to hundreds, we will specifically address your employer payroll needs. Join the growing number of businesses operating more efficiently due to professional support that is more personal and affordable than most!

        • Useful and accurate reports each and every payroll
        • Personal support just one pleasant phone call away
        • Complete peace of mind with one less big hassle
        • “If I knew what a bargain it was, I’d have switched sooner”

        Save time and money while solving all your employee timekeeping challenges! Our electronic system is a powerful resource designed to offer exceptional convenience to track information and improve profit margins by reducing the cost of labor. “Time IS Money”

        • Improve accuracy, records, and consistently enforce pay policies
        • Reduce time, errors, and fraud by eliminating hand calculations
        • Simple, practical and easy; no software to install.
        • Cost-effective and affordably priced.


        • Mention the website & we’ll waive the setup fee

        Click here for a list of Federal Holidays

        IRS announced 2007 mileage rates

        IRS standard mileage rate chart
        (Includes prior years)

        Existing Clients: Calculate a termination paycheck (Note: This is an Excel file)

        • Annual Information and Reminders
        Click here for our 2006 Year End Newsletter

        American Payroll Associations site,

        Contact Us

        Nowhere is the saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” more valid than in dealings with our employees. Our internet-based program affordably allows you to address all your employee related concerns with current, convenient, and comprehensive management tools and resources.

        • Easy access to useful forms, letters, articles, and job descriptions
        • Straight forward answers to questions faced by other employers
        • Affordably priced unlimited expert support and consulting
        • Tools avoid labor violations that could lead to costly disputes


        California Payroll Concepts offers ideal solutions for all your employer payroll needs!
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